Trevor Crandall – 3D Game Artist

Hard Surface, Vehicles, Characters & Creatures

Trevor Crandall – 3D Game Artist

Miscellaneous character and creature work done over the years, mostly for fun.

Lead character design and model for Signal Studio’s “Ascend: New Gods”.

Caos maquette for Signal Studios' “Ascend: New Gods”

Getting my Seuss on!

Primitive Man

Primitive Man Clay Render

Primitive Man Clay Render

My uncle in Florida

My Uncle in Florida ZBrush sculpt

The Infamous Civil War Admiral, Wilfred P. Wafflebottom


Yeti Sculpts

Yeti Thumbnails

Zombie Kid! The kid that’s a zombie!

The Cave Slave

Orc battle armor concept designs for Snowblind Studios' “Lord Of The Rings: War In The North”.

The Blues Man – Done for fun – Inspired by the late, great, John Lee Hooker.

Old Naughty Dog art test. Even though this is like 8 years old, I’m still rather fond of it.

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